Coming Events

September 8 Women in the 21st Century

Celebrating 130 years of WCTU Drug-free Lifestyles, Victoria. The keynote speaker will be Melinda Tankard Reist and there will also be a Q & A Panel including Bindi Cole Chocka,
Emma Fu, Dr Rachel Carling-Jenkins and moderated by Sheila Byard OAM. Don't miss out on this interesting event at the Robert White Hall, 156 Collins Street, Melbourne at 10 am.
RSVP by August 26 by phoning the number above or filling out our online form.

September 9 FASD Awareness Day - held every year.

Remember the 1000's of children who were born with a competely preventable condition that is also incurable. 9am, on the 9th of the 9th.

September 26 - State Convention in Western Australia

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